"Taylor Swift: The Lyrical Genius of our Era"

From small-town Pennsylvania girl to international pop sensation, Taylor Swift has evolved into one of the most influential figures in the global music industry. Her unique blend of storytelling, coupled with her stellar songwriting skills, continues to touch the hearts of millions, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

Born in 1989, Swift's journey into stardom began with her eponymous debut album. Showcasing her penchant for country music, the album earned her instant recognition as a young and promising talent. However, Swift's true genius shone through in her subsequent albums, as she seamlessly transitioned from country to pop, with each album revealing a new facet of her versatile artistry.

Taylor's Mosaic: Faces of Devotion

Create a LEGACY

Be a part of her image

Attention, Swifties! Now, you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become a part of Taylor Swift's history. We're creating a unique digital artwork—a portrait of Taylor, composed of thousands photographs from her fans. The best part?

YOUR photo could be in there!

But that's not all. This piece of art will be transformed into an exclusive limited-edition NFT, giving you a chance to own an authenticated piece of Taylor Swift's history and make a significant investment. Each NFT is a digital representation of authenticity and ownership, stored on the blockchain. This is not just a memento—it's a legacy, an asset that may appreciate in value over time.

Join us on this incredible journey. Submit your photo and be part of the magic.

This is your chance to shine alongside Taylor Swift!

PLUS you get to save the life of a cat

Taylor's Mosaic: Faces of Devotion
Taylor's Mosaic: Faces of Devotion

High Resolution Mosaic

The mosaic resolution is over 324 megapixels, which is around 18,000 x 18,000 pixels, where you can print it as large as 5 feet by 5 feet, and still see all the small pictures in sharp detail. That's over 27 times more high resolution than 12 megapixels on the latest and greatest iPhone, or about 35 times more high resolution than your 4K TV.

The example shown here is just to give you an idea but your image will be in Super High definition, allowing you to expand it and see all the individual photos the image is made up of. The image here is made up of 36 X 36 photos (1,296 ), your image will be 60 X 60 photos, so 3,600 photos.

Taylor's Mosaic: Faces of Devotion


What is an NFT

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is like a digital collectible. Think of it as an online version of something unique and special, like a signed baseball card, a first edition book, or an autographed poster.

Just like these physical collectibles, NFTs can be bought, sold, and owned. But unlike a physical object, they exist only on the internet. They're stored on something called a "blockchain", which is like a public ledger that keeps track of who owns what. This makes it very difficult for someone to claim an NFT that isn't theirs or to make a copy of it.

Get the NFT image for only $99

All you need to do is send us your photos and we will do the rest. Once the Mosaic is finished with all your photos we will convert it into an NFT and you will be given first opportunity to buy this limited edition.

To make an image of this quality and definition would cost you thousands of dollars but you get an investment grade image for only $99

As soon as all the required photos are received, at least 3,600 of them, the artist will produce the mosaic and we will then upload it to the NFT marketplace Rarible (https://rarible.com/explore/all/items), where you will be able to receive it on payment to the marketplace platform.

This will then be yoiur individual private copy.

The profit made from the sale of "Taylor's Mosaic, The Face of Devotion" will go to the Cat Sanctuary and improve or save the lives of hundreds of orphaned or abandoned cats

Benefits of an NFT over a physical image


Owning an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as opposed to a regular printed copy or a digital image comes with multiple benefits, especially in the context of your unique Taylor Swift fan-art project.

  1. Ownership and Authenticity: With a physical print or digital image, it's impossible to prove definitive ownership or authenticity. The beauty of an NFT is that it provides a proof of ownership that is stored on the blockchain, a transparent and immutable digital ledger. When you own an NFT, you essentially own a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership that is tamper-proof and can't be replicated, which isn't the case with a print or a standard digital image.

  2. Limited Edition Exclusivity: Your NFT is a limited edition, which increases its potential value. Like owning a rare autographed poster, having one of these exclusive NFTs could make you part of a unique club of Taylor Swift fans.

  3. Contributor Recognition: As the NFT is created from photos contributed by fans, it's not just a piece of art you own; it’s a piece of art you’re part of. Your contribution to the artwork is immutably recorded on the blockchain.

  4. Potential for Appreciation: Unlike a print or a digital image, the value of an NFT can appreciate over time based on demand and the significance of the artwork. It's a digital asset, and as Taylor Swift's popularity continues to grow, it could turn out to be a good investment.

  5. Interoperability: NFTs are part of the broader Ethereum ecosystem, meaning they can be bought, sold, or traded on any platform that supports the standard they are built on. You're not limited to a single market or reliant on a single company for their value.

  6. Digital Rights: Depending on the specific terms of the NFT, you might also get certain digital rights, like the ability to display the image in online galleries or virtual worlds.

  7. Connection with the Artist: Lastly, by buying this NFT, you’re directly supporting the creation of this unique fan project, creating a closer connection to the artist behind it and the charity they are supporting.


In essence, owning this NFT means you own a piece of Taylor Swift history that is verifiably authentic, potentially valuable, and deeply personal. It's much more than a printed copy or a downloadable image – it's a new kind of collectible for the digital age.

Taylor's Mosaic: Faces of Devotion

Profits from the sale of the NFT will go to:

The Cat Sanctuary

Dedicated to saving the lives of Taylor Swift's first love, CATS. The Cat Sanctuary works tirelessly to save abandoned and mistreated cats, giving them a safe environment, medical care and finding new parents to adopt them.